We are

an experienced team of designers and developers based in Berlin. We craft user-centered apps for VR, AR, 3D, medical. On desktop, mobile, and web.
We care, because we love that shit.



Selected projects

A short selection of our recent realtime-projects in AR / VR / Interactive Media / Mobile apps.



To visualize the abstract transition from traditional to renewable energy sources, we developed a framework for building game-like tangible diagrams, shown in augmented reality based on marker tracking.
Try it out for yourself on your iOS or Android device.

Augmented Reality Demo

Deutsche Telekom

Well-fi is an innovative connectivity concept by T-Labs that was presented at Mobile World Congress 2017 within Deutsche Telekom’s innovations section. Framefield helped to consolidate the insights of the project into a concise storyline and converted it into an interactive AR demonstration: visitors could explore and visualize aspects of the Well-Fi concept in different scenarios.

VR painter

raumHOCH / Fuenfwerken / Clariant

Our first thought was: This is what VR was invented for! For the Swiss paint & coatings manufacturer Clariant, one of the world's leading specialty chemical companies, we build a room-scale VR experience. Visitors at the European Coatings Show could create their own, unique artwork by spray painting a virtual canvas. For bystanders, it looked as if the paint was actually being sprayed physically onto a LED screen.

VR Annotate App

Humboldt Universität Berlin

How did the first democratic assemblies in ancient Greece work? The Cluster of Excellence Techniques "Image Knowledge Gestaltung" at the HU Berlin invisioned a VR tool that helps scientists to place snippets of information onto related 3D elements. Combined this information builds a spatial database to sort, browse and exchange information. We believe virtual reality is a tool that can be utilized beyond mere entertainment, and enjoy seeking out projects that foster its strengths and possibilities.

VR eventplanner

QuoVadis / Respawn

Spatial design and planning seems to be the natural domain for VR tools. For our friends at QuoVadis, we prototyped this tool to test furniture-placement variations that are to be set up within a particular event space and are also tied to a budget. Especially for people not highly experienced in spatial planning, e.g. clients, this tool works very nicely and proves the potential for the professional usage of VR.


raumHOCH / JvM / innogy

We developed a VR experience on HTC-Vive that introduces a new brand identity to the visitors. The presentation combines interactive elements like 3D drawing, info-graphics, and panoramic pictures with a richly designed world of renewable energy. We also developed a sophisticated reactive web-site that allows booking slots, dispositions planning, and sharing of pictures on social media.

3D Kinect Game

Škoda / Lab75 / Wire

Lab75/Wire pulled us on board to build an interactive Kinect game to present Škoda's latest Octavia Combi at the Geneva Motor Show – the most important car show in Europe.


realtime 3D framwork

Tooll2 is a new multi-purpose application for creating interactive 3d content and animations. It combines the best aspects of animation, compositing, and coding into a lightweight and intuitive UI. www.tooll.io

10th Annual Awards Visuals


Matti Palosuo from scene.org asked us if we could help with awards ceremony. Doing a high-quality, interactive presentation in front of 5,000 people and broadcasted in Finnish tv seemed to be the perfect stress test for our realtime content creation suite, Tooll.io.

Design, Execution, Craft.

Review & Analysis

After reviewing all existing material, we create a first assessment document with tons of annotations and quick paintovers. Our engineers can identify bottlenecks and unused potentials.

Ideas & Concepts

We love ideation! We then cluster, evaluate, visualize, and sharpen all results – and make them work. We suggest means of implementation and validate ideas for feasibility.

User Journey

We roll-out your user’s experience step by step, from first awareness to a conversion. Feasibility is king: all steps are discussed and reviewed by senior developers.


We craft color scheme, typography, look, and – of course – transitions and motion design. Good design requires implementation: We tweak to pixel-perfection on the target platform.


We like prototyping with tangible assets and quick iterations that drive decisions and designs. And we get code running on the target platform as early as possible.


We recommend early qualitative user-testing, which we can facilitate quickly and cost effective. Our development pipeline is fully test-driven, with build-servers and a refined reviewing process.


As a team we design and implement together. This collaboration results in an refined product that is rock solid and looks and feels great.